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Top Nigerian Celebrities Who Enhanced Their Body And Flaunt It

Women want to appear attractive, especially with the proper curves in the right proportions, and while some are naturally endowed, others put in a little more effort.

Several fitness instructors will advise you to eat well and exercise, but most people are aware that cosmetic surgery, which some of our female celebrities have undergone, is the quickest option.

There is no limit to what money can buy you and how much these women have spent or are ready to pay, from raising their chests to gaining wider hips and bigger behinds. It's simple to tell when someone's body has been drastically altered, and while some celebrities have admitted to spending millions to improve their chests, others have let other tales run.

Here is a list of Nigerian female celebrities that have had plastic surgery and admitted it with their full chest.

●     Iyabo OjoIyabo Ojo, who has two grown-up children, has a body that suggests she has never borne a pregnancy. Years ago, the actress acknowledged to having cosmetic surgery on her body to keep her youthful appearance.

●     Mercy Eke from BBN

Mercy, the winner of BBNaija 2019, has her body worked on before the program. The reality was not hidden from Nigerians by Lambo as she is affectionately known.

●     Nina Ivy from BBN

The BBNaija star admitted to having her rear worked up and even posted images and videos from the procedure.

●     Toke Makinwa

The media celebrity also pounced on Nigerians with a curvier figure and a larger backside, which she flaunts as much as she can. She owes no one explanation due to speculations bout her surgery.

●     Nengi from BBN

BB Nengi, the star of Naija Lockdown, has had her body operated on as well, and she is one of the few people who has admitted it.

●     Laura Ikeji

Laura Ikeji made her mark on the world when she recently had her nose reshaped, and she just had her chin reshaped as well. Laura's face has taken on a pointed appearance, which she adores.

There are other celebrities who has had their bodies worked on but they barely talk about it while some tend to show them off.

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