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Categories of People Who Should Avoid Eating Bitter Kola

Kola, often known as bitter kola, is an African nut that grows naturally in West and Central Africa. Many healing miracles have been achieved on this second-largest continent, attesting to its usefulness. Garcinia kola is a species of flowering plant found in tropical regions. The plant bears black, nutlike seeds that resemble kidney beans. Four types of persons should avoid consuming bitter kola, according to WebMD and Medical news today.

1. Those suffering from heart disease

Because of the high caffeine content, consuming too much bitter kola could be dangerous. Hence, beware when snacking on nuts. Those with preexisting heart issues should avoid the drug at all costs.

2. People with high blood pressure

A lot of caffeine can be found in the kola plant. Researchers have linked caffeine consumption to an increased risk of hypertension due to its known effects on blood pressure and vasoconstriction. Hypertensive individuals should avoid consuming bitter kola.

3. People with diabetes

Those with insulin should avoid bitter kola. The high caffeine content of bitter kola is the root cause of yet another unwanted consequence. Caffeine in this product may affect your blood sugar levels, so use caution if you have diabetes.

4. People with hemophilia

An uncommon disorder called hemophilia prevents blood from clotting correctly. Men are disproportionately harmed. While bitter kola does not directly cause hemophilia, it may reduce the body's ability to make clotting factors.

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