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Will The Antichrist Come Down From Heaven, Or He Would Have Been On The Earth - Pst Kumuyi Clarifies

Pastor W.F. Kumuyi, the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry spoke to his members on, "Prayerful Watchfulness In The Last Days" at their Sunday Worship Service.

According to him, "We have also said it over and over that believers will not go though the great tribulation which will be controlled by a lawless, wicked, and cruel man who will come to devastate the whole earth during the great tribulation. Note that the antichrist will not be a baby at the time of the great tribulation but he would have been preparing to be a great leader of the world."

"He would have known that the world is waiting and searching for a man who will guide the world into the peace they are earnestly looking for. He will be a man who would have been in the world while we are here, only preparing his way, and finding his path, a path of supposed peace to come and reign over the earth. Actually, the ten kingdoms of the world which the antichrist will be over would have been developing and when the rapture takes place, then the great tribulation will be here in terrible force."

So will the Antichrist come down from heaven or he would have been on the earth? He said, "The antichrist would have been here on earth in preparation for the full swing of his reign. He is not coming from heaven as a grown up man like Adam, but he is already here, a person of the world, developing all his strategies. This is why believers need to watch and pray, and be prepare for the rapture.

Finally, he said, "We are living in the last days and any moment from now, the rapture can take place. We need to watch and pray till the Lord comes and will takes us home and the antichrist will take over the world in great cruelty and unprecedented wrath. You and I will not be here at that time in Jesus name."

(Fast forward the VIDEO to 2 hours 10 minutes)

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