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Willian: I asked the club for a 3-year deal - if they offer it to me, I'll sign it tomorrow

The Brazilian international gave an interview regarding his contract talks.

He says that he has heard rumours of other clubs being interested in him but he has not received any concrete news from his agent.

Willian adds that Chelsea have offered him a 2-year deal and he is waiting for them to change his stance.

"There are rumours around a few team that might be interested. For the present, I have had no solid proposition. In any case, rumours consistently emerge. I'm pausing. My specialist hasn't given me any news yet. I'm sitting tight for his call," Willian disclosed to Brazilian writer Ale Oliveira on his Youtube channel.

"I previously had a discussion with the club a couple of months prior, even before this stop. Chelsea just offer me two years and I requested three. My goal in the following agreement is to finish paperwork for a long time. So I haven't had an arrangement with Chelsea yet.

"This is what I asked the club for, three years of contract. If you give me that, I’ll get the pen and sign the contract tomorrow."

Willian's words align with everything we have read so far from other sources such as The Athletic, who claim that contract talks are at a standstill as the club and the player cannot come to an agreement.

Obviously Willian won't move from his requests and it is not yet clear how this entire situation plays out.

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