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"Somebody Claimed To Be LP Youth Leader & Wanted To Endorse Obi But Was Beaten Up" - Tony Ezeagwu

The Delta state chairman of the Labour Party, Tony Ezeagwu, said that there are no plans by the Labour Party in the state to form alliances with other political parties. He said that some people are trying to make this story go viral by spreading false rumors.

The LP chairman said that the party is going into the election with the mindset of winning and that they will only form an alliance with another political party if their candidates agree to step down and allow the LP candidates to take their place.

He said that some people are spreading rumours about the Labour Party by pretending to be the real members and then gathering crowds to announce that they are endorsing someone. He said that someone in Delta state gathered a large crowd at a hotel and claimed to be the youth leader of the Labour Party, Peter Obi. The real youth leader in Delta state heard about it and went to the hotel to beat up the impersonator.

Ezeagwu says that some people are just trying to confuse people by spreading rumors about things that happened at a hotel. He tells a story about a boy who supposedly came to the Orchid hotel to endorse a different candidate, only to get beaten up by the real leader of the Labour Party's youth group. Ezeagwu says that this is all just a way to confuse people.

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