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3 Simple Ways To Tell If A Guy Is Having Feelings For You

There are certain signs a guy will show immediately he starts falling in love with you. Most men find it hard to express themselves or their feelings to a lady, most of the time what they do is to show body language. Although, do you know that for men do summon the courage to talk to a lady? But for the sake of some ladies who find it hard to detect if a guy has feelings for them or not, I will be highlighting three signs to watch out for when a guy is having feelings for you.

1. When a man starts having feelings for you, he will make sure he follows you on all social media platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook, and many others. Another thing is that he will make sure that he comments on all your photos and updates. He will also make sure that you notice him all the time, he may even spy on you all because he wants to know if there is someone else in your life. As a lady, once you notice these signs it means he likes you.

2. Another way to know when a guy is liking you Is that he will text or message you almost all the time. At this stage, he couldn't hide his feelings anymore. And for him to text or call you all the time, it means you are all that matters to him. He would call or text you In the morning, afternoon, and night. When you notice this as a lady, please try as much as possible to give him a chance if you like.

3. Another sign is that he would want to make friends with almost all your friends. Once you notice that he is beginning to get close to your friend, just know that he is beginning to like you. He may even ask your friends to talk to you about his love for you.

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