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Why Liverpool Is A Bigger Club Than Manchester United.

Manchester United and Liverpool are the two biggest clubs in the English Premier League at the moment. The two clubs have won many trophies that you cannot imagine. But between the two, we can say that Manchester United is not as big as Liverpool.

Many football fans may argue this, but I'm going to give reasons why Liverpool is far bigger than Manchester United.

Liverpool has won more trophies than Manchester United across all competitions; before now many football fans believed that Manchester United is the most successful English club in history, but now the truth is Liverpool football club is. Liverpool has won 50 major trophies and Manchester United has won 45 major trophies.

 When we discuss who has won more trophies in the European football, Liverpool stands high above Manchester United. Manchester United has 3 European cups and Liverpool has 6 European cups. Do you still want to ask which is the bigger club?

Liverpool has won 9 league cups and Manchester United has only won 5. Even in present era, Manchester United is far below Liverpool judging by their achievements in present football. As time goes on, comparing Liverpool and Manchester United will be belittling Liverpool.

Do you think Manchester United is still bigger than Liverpool?

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