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Reasons Why Women Don’t Derive Pleasure From Sèx

It has come to light throughout the years that a significant number of women struggle, to varying degrees, to obtain pleasure from intimate relationships. The vast majority of women, on the other hand, are completely oblivious to this occurrence, despite the fact that it is caused by a number of different causes. Intercourse refers to a sèxual encounter that occurs naturally and uninhibitedly between two people of different genders (Male and female).

As its very name suggests, intimacy is something that should bring about feelings of pleasure rather than distress. Nevertheless, regrettably, the opposite is true for a lot of women in today's society. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the potential reasons why women might not find joy in intimate relationships. are going to be covered below.

Shifts in hormone levels

It is true, as stated by the "Cleveland Clinic," that hormone is responsible for many of the actions that take place in our bodies. In the same way that there is a hormone responsible for sèxual activity, there is also one responsible for the desire to sleep. Yet, studies have discovered that fluctuating estrogen levels and amounts of hormones involved in intercourse can contribute to unpleasant sèxual encounters. Whether a woman is breastfeeding, nearing menopause, or going through another hormonal transition, she may experience changes in her body that result in a burning sensation during sèxual activity.

Psychological Causes

One of the primary explanations behind this psychological phenomenon is the fact that women do not receive pleasure from intimate relationships. Yet, conditions such as anxiety and sadness can have a negative impact on your drive to interact with others. A woman's desire in lovemaking may decrease as a result of any of these factors, including mental illness.

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