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Prayers That Will Shield You From Bandits And Kidnappers.

Given the high level of insecurity in our land, it is needful to spend quality time in prayers every day to ask God for His mercy and protection on behalf of yourself and your loved ones.

Please learn to pray these prayer points:

(1)Thank the Lord for goodness and mercy He had shown towards you in the past and for meeting your needs.

(2) Pray that the Lord keep you from the hands of bandits, armed robbers, and kidnappers who are on the rampage in our villages and cities. (Psalm 140:4).

(3) Pray that the Lord will keep your feet away from evil traps and snares of bandits, armed robbers, and kidnappers(Psalm 140:4-5, Psalm 141:8).

(4) Pray that God will blind the eyes of bandits, robbers, and kidnappers and make it impossible for them to see you as you go about your legitimate businesses. (Genesis19:11-12).

(5)Pray that God will deliver and preserve you from bandits, armed robbers, and kidnappers who continually imagine mischief in their hearts(Psalm 140:1-2).

(6)Pray that the Lord would keep bandits, robbers, and kidnappers far away from you and your loved ones and your dwelling(Psalm 91:10)

(7) Pray that th Lord should frustrate every secret plot and plan of robbers and kidnappers targeted at Nigerians and make them end up badly and in tears if they do not repent.

(8) Pray that the Lord would send His angels to chase after them and make their way dark and slippery as long as they remain in the business of robbery and kidnappings(Psalm 35:5-6).

(9)Pray that the Lord will make bandits, armed robbers, and kidnappers hear strange voices and flee out of their hiding places and abandon the evil profession.

(10)Pray that the Lord will trouble kidnappers, bandits, and robbers as long as they are troubling the people of this land.

Pray this prayer in the name of Jesus Christ. If you are not born again, simply turn away from your sins, ask for the salvation of God through Christ Jesus and make Him the Lord of your life.

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