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Here Is A Healthy Choice Of Breakfast That Is Suitable For People With High Blood Sugar Level

High blood sugar occurs mainly as a result of feeding habits people indulge in as well as the lifestyle they embrace. Thus, when one's blood sugar level spikes, it is often advised they curtail their consumption of artificial sweeteners also, they are advised to engage more into physical activities as it helps burn glucose. This article shall enlighten you on a nutritious breakfast those with high blood sugar can take with no worries.

Source: Everyday Health

It is called Oatmeal. Oatmeal is produced when oat is harvested and processed. This meal according to 'Medical News Today' contains a soluble fibre known as beta-glucan which helps improve the body's response to insulin.

Insulin is a hormone that the body produces through the liver when there is an elevation in the glucose levels of the blood. The function of this hormone is to convert excess of glucose or sugar to glycogen so that when there is a reduction in the blood sugar level, a different hormone known as glucagon would convert it back to glucose.

When the body's response to this hormone is poor, it could result to high blood sugar and in extreme conditions, type 2 diabetes. Thus consumption of this meal can help manage blood sugar levels. Oatmeal helps make the body more responsive to this hormone.

Outside of high blood sugar management, Oatmeal as well can be helpful in weight management. As recorded by 'Medical News Today', it is rich in soluble fibre and thus, eating it grants people this feeling of fullness.

Excess weight gain is usually rooted to frequent eating, taking more calories than you burn. When you feel full, there possibly would be less or in fact zero need to eat and eat till it's excess. Oatmeal can help bring this effect.

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