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Keys to wealth for a better life

There are 5 Major Keys to Wealth. 

If applied, you could be a Billionaire in say the next 10 years max if you set the target.

1. Have a specific goal - Setting goals according to Anthony Robbins is the first step of turning the invisible to become visible. 

Be very precise - I want 1 Billion Dollars in 10 years or 10 Billion naira in 5 years or what have you. 

Be so clear about what you want; Don't just say I want to make money. How much? Or I want to be rich. How rich? Have a financial figure in mind, write it down and set a timeline then ZOOM.

2. Have a definite plan on how to achieve 1 - find out what you need in order to become what you want and if you do it, you're sure as heaven to get it. This life operates by principles, discover the principles your industry operate by, apply it and BOOM. 

2B. Also, If you want to make 10 Billion in 10years, you must realize that success is a game of numbers. That's 1 Billion a year, and about 84million each month. Is it doable? How do you make at least 2.86 million daily?

What can you really do to raise that amount of money or to offer value worth that?

Your plan will reveal the faults in your goal. Your plan will tell you if you can actually make that figure or reduce it to 100m in 10 years and do 10m per annum which leaves you with about 840k monthly.

2c. Study someone (plenty of them actually) who has done what you want to do and make your calculated plans based on your findings and not just mere wishes.

3. Make Moves -Take Massive Actions - You could have the BEST goals, BEST plans and still remain useless if you FAIL to ACT. You must take massive actions daily towards the attainment of your GOALS. 

Result oriented actions are indispensable to fulfilling anything worthwhile.

Make moves daily. Never stop making moves. One must hit and it will change your story. If you are a Singer, Keep singing, Writer keep writing, Speaker keep speaking. If in business, stay in business.

Never stop making moves.


4. BUILD POWERFUL RELATIONSHIPS - This alone has the ability to transform your life forever. Look at where you are going, will those around you take you there faster or take you in a diverse direction. 

People are constantly affecting your reality - they are either subtracting from you or adding to you or multiplying what you gat or dividing it as a result of their interactions with you.

You are where you are now because of all the relationships you keep. Relationships have led men to Stardom - Gov. Uduaghan, some others to jail - ?, and sadly many others to death.

See, Relationships will give you loans without Collateral, loans with no interests, small and huge capital to run your business, access to doors you would never have entered, and deals that may take you 10 lifetimes to seal. 

Relationships can make you a Billionaire for life. Example - Paul Allen. How? He gave Bill Gates the starting capital for Microsoft. 

Example 2 - Eduardo. How? He gave Zuckerberg the first starting major capital for Facebook. These men are now multi Billionaires. 

Research has shown that some of the GREATEST companies are built on Relationships. Stop making casual friends and start building purposeful POWERFUL friendships. 

*This World is ran by bloodlines and connections (RELATIONSHIP) never FORGET this.*

If you don't have, stop surrounding yourself with broke people as well. That's naivety not humility and naivety will surely be punished, severely in fact. 

Remember, if you walk around with 9 Losers, you are bound to become the 10th, same is running around with 9 Billionaires/Millionaires, it will rub off on you.

People judge you by your friends, and it is your relationships that speak for you in your absence when you can't.


If people knew you kept to your word, they would have no problem giving you 10 million even more. Billionaires and Wealthy Folks keep to their word. They also look out for those who do same.

Today, just pressing my phone, I dare say I could raise a million in less than 6 hours if I needed it just from friends and associates. Make that 3 if it were critical.


If people come to know you as Someone who keeps to his/her word, they would give you goods worth a 100 million to resell, recoup and pay them. This happened during the Telecommunications and Mobile Phones Boom in Nigeria. Robinson Plaza in Warri is a major example. How do you think most of the mega shops there today started? Goods given based on trust. 

Item 4 & 5 above, could make you a BILLIONAIRE over night but it takes years to build. That's why the best time for you to have started was 10 years ago. Or take a cue, go and re-associate or re-fan the flames of friendship with your Highschool buddies they usually tend to know you.

7. The Customer is your god - Treat each Customer with utmost RESPECT. One customer can permanently change your business for good or the worse. Many times, all it takes is just one client. Careful not to loose the moment. 

Not only the rich ones but anyone in fact heed the broke ones who love to patronize you. Today's broke customer can be tomorrow's Jeff Bezos. Na so the life dey change. Treat all customers well with a sense of dignity and true RESPECT.

8. Never eat your seeds. NEVER. Replant it all. Only fruits are meant to be eaten. If you eat your seeds today, you will never have fruits tomorrow then you'll be forced to chew your fingers (e don red). If you eat fruits, you will find more seeds and hence much more fruits, endless cycle. 

In Conclusion, Kiss Daniel said - "Lotori mi mo fe gbese eh" meaning no go look my life take live, U go enter gbese O (debts). My message from it - build wealth gradually, nor look wetin other people they do take live life (stay your lane), or else, you nor go kpomot for better e gbese O and nobody go help you !!!

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