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11 Pictures Of Zubby Micheal Visiting Lagos For The First Time

2020-08-01 13:33:35

Zubby Micheal visit Lagos State in Grand style see photos below.Zubby Micheal is a Nigerian Actor who is known for his action type of movies,the actor shared some hillarious videos and photos of his arrival at the most populated state in Nigeria, Lagos.

In some of the photos he shared on his official Instagram account @Zubbymicheal,he was pictured with fellow Nigerian actors who reside in Lagos,notable were IK Ogbonna,Alex Ekubo and Ayo Makun

Shortly after his arrival he visited the streets of Lagos with a black Jeep and fans came out in Mass to welcome their hero into Lagos.

Below are some photos of him in the streets of Lagos.

Zubby with police officers ready for outingZubby posting with his fans who came out in numbers to cheer the "Eze ndi ala"Zubby in the hotel room with his female friend

Zubby Micheal and Ayo Makun post for a selfieZubby Micheal Visits yomi casual and smaps with IK Ogbonna and Alex Ekubo,see some photos below

This might not be the first time the actor is visiting Lagos State but this might be the most celebrated welcome he had since his break through in the Nigerian movie Industry.

I hope this journey turns out for his favour.

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