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4 Things you should not say to your child

Children tend to be emotional especially to what you said to them when they are young. Many of the statements made by parents tend to affect their children even as they become adults. This is why parents must be watchful of whatever they say to their children. Below are some of what you shouldn't say to your children -

1. Commenting on their physical appearance

It's an issue of their self-esteem, despite the fact that they're still children. It's the strangest thing to do to objectify your child by exposing others their embarrassing photos. Prepare nutritious meals and perform some workouts with your children if you want them to seem smarter, healthier, and happier, but name-calling is not the way to go.

2. Speaking ill of others

Parents don't always realize what they're saying or gossiping about when they're in front of their children. You are not trying to make things better when you speak negatively of others or gossip about them in front of them. Have you ever considered what might happen if your child accidentally revealed the information? It will aggravate the matter and tarnish your reputation in the eyes of others.

3. Negatively ridiculing their academic performance

When my friend's 8-year-old son returned home with a poor report card, he told him, "You're such a disappointment." It's a very bad statement to make to your children. It is acceptable for your children to make mistakes in their academics. Your child may have performed poorly in some subjects, but he or she has excelled in others. Recognize their efforts and suggest ways to improve their grades.

4. Sarcasm all the time

Kids have no concept of sarcasm. When we yell at them in frustration, they don't comprehend. The behavior is easy to comprehend for children; nevertheless, the aspects they misunderstand are frequently replaced with an emotional impact.

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