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NDDC mess: The Uncommon Minister and Ogoni slap

Joi Nunieh is feeling safe in Rivers government house.

Breakfast has been served already

Government house is government house.

Louis Xiii, the Emperor favorite drink have gone round.

APC, Buhari, Amaechi have been bashed somewhere there.

Their Ego have been bruised.

Because Wike is always the man.

Everybody now knows that.

Even in the north of Niger.

And Akpabio is not actually the problem.

He is the symptom of a diseased- Fulani APC

Lunch is in the making now in Port Harcourt.

She should have her lunch soon.

Is she going home today?

To go and do what? Today is Friday.

It's champagne night and some randy times.

And we all know that around the Emperor, there is no dull moment.

Ok , Akpabio is now being mocked mildly.

 Big belly, short abuna, long throat, chameleon.

I even called him once " A cunning old fox".

What else. Lover of curvy youth corpers.

Uncommon He -goat!

Uncommon Thief!

Uncommon Rogue!

Uncommon minister!

Uncommon APC member!

Why will I forget that he is also the recipient of made in Ogoni backhand slap, for sexual Iberiberism against the PH first daughter.

At least, we all know that Akpabio don meet him match in Wike.

I will end this with "Hell hath no fury like a scorned woman".

There is still something that we are missing here.

But in the light of time. It will be revealed.

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