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Checkout Celebrities Who Own Lions As Pets (Photos)

Lions are known as the king of the jungle, and it's very unusual to see anyone keep lions as a pet because they are wild animals and very expensive to afford.

Despite the fact of them being wild animals most people keeps them as house pets because of its uniqueness and nature,they believe as long as the right are put in place there's nothing to worry about.

There are different levels to having a pet, regularly people keeps dogs, cats, and moneys as their pets but for most people they prefer to have a lion.

For example, Dutch football player, Memphis Depay is known to have a enormous lion tattooed on his back and most of his fans don't know he has an actual lion as his pets..

The football player shared pictures of him posing with his lion pet during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown.

Buhari's son-in-law, Ahmed Indimi is one of the few Nigerians who own white lion as pet, you can see pictures of him holding a whit lion on his handle.

Other celebrities like Nigerian entertainer, DJ Cuppy is a proud owner of a white lion, she shared sometime ago that shr bought a white lion which she name after herself 'Cuppy'.

Although she doesn't live under the same roof with the lion, she pays huge amount of money to take care of her lion and always visits the lion where she left it.

Nigerian singer, Runtown also owns a white lions which he bought for $140000, according to one interview he mentioned that he doesn't usually play with the lion now that's it's bigger because he's afraid that he might get eaten one day.

If you have the money, would you ever buy a lion as a pet? share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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