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"I'll Dump Boma. You Should Have Added Him" - Queen Says While Playing The Kiss, Marry & Dump Game

While playing the kiss, marry and dump game, Queen bluntly stated that she will dump Boma, although Boma wasn't added to the list of options.

It's no news that Queen was recently evicted from the Big Brother house, and she has had interviews since then.

In one of her recent interviews, she briefly answered questions that were thrown at her. When Queen was asked the person she would choose if she was to spend more time in the Big Brother house with just one person, she chose Whitemoney.

Going further, Queen was asked who she would kiss, marry and dump between Pere, Saga and Whitemoney. This was when Queen said that she will kiss and marry Whitemoney, then she will dump Boma, although Boma was not in the list of options that were provided for her to choose from. In her words, Queen said:

"Marry: Whitemoney, kiss: Whitemoney, dump: Boma. You did not add that. You should have added Boma. But I've added it for you..."

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