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OPINION: Five ways BBN could be affecting you negatively

The BBN show can be overwhelming. Everyone would agree it has a way of tying a person down. So what do you do,watch it less often. It can affect a person in so many ways and I'd list a few.

1. Parents neglect their children during these times

You no longer know what your child is up to. No more bonding time. Mothers are after the Saturday night party,forgetting they are mothers anyway and have to put the kids to sleep. It takes a toll on your kids because they see you onscreen all the time and also want to be onscreen. You even forget to breastfeed the baby,even the first kids are neglected because of BBN and perharps,a newborn.

2. The child neglects his studies

Isn't it fair that your ways as a parent would take a toll on your kids. They no longer read their books if they've been reading,all they want to see is Nengi and Ozo. How can someone even be watching TV and not expect the child to join. Especially for the SS3's, remember your exams is only a month away. And the Federal government can decide once they drop the toothpicks in their mouths. Any date can be fixed and in the end it's you who bear the brunt. I advice you to be careful. WAEC is on the way and and I'll advice you to go through my page and collect the four possible English essays to be learnt for the exam.

3. No more productivity

You neglect that book you've been writing. You ditch learning Spanish on Duolingo. Your mom keeps calling you to fix your bed. You postpone the arranging of your closet. BBN eats your time. You find yourself being unproductive each day. You set goals to achieve each day and achieve little or none.

"I'll take my sleeping brother to pee after Eric is done flirting with Erica" becomes your new language. You forget you entire self. You make mistakes in selling your products or parent's. Why? Because your whole mind is on BBN. No lose focus,like they'll say. Jazz up. People are in there to cash out a prize,so keep working on your own productive thing,don't give up or surrender to the TV.

4. You want to hop on the next moving train of relationship

We should all admit BBN gets you all lovey dovey and shit. You begin to 'Aw' when a hot guy or female comes on screen. The PDA's begins to get to you. You would want to quickly accept that boy's offer to visit him. But that visit can change your entire life. You fall into the hands of the wrong person. You let ladies eat up your hard earned money. Masturbation probably begins. BBN is most definitely going to affect you this way,so limit your time. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Someone warned you as you're reading this now.

5. Insomnia

You are stressing out because you chose to stay up late at night to video souls like you, sleeping and chatting away. Look,they don't have any other thing doing in the house except biggie's orders. If you own a phone and on Opera news,you should be wise enough to make the right decisions. If you are a parent,staying up so late to watch a program isn't a good sight for your kids as they learn this habit to use devices till late at night.

Even the sleep would be hard to come by because you've pulled so many useless allnighters. You are not sleeping not because you are reading a book or taking an online course on your MacBook,but because you chose to watch human beings like you,some lesser your age,some above,some within your age range,living their everyday lives. Even at work you want to peer your eyes on the TV screen all for BBN..

BBN don start no mean say make you lose guards. Chin up. Continue your productive activities. Don't give up on that eBook. To the creators on Opera news,writing would be very competitive as everyone is now talking about BBN,and you feel like giving up when you see a hundred clicks. Relax,it would due down. Brainstorm for other articles.

No one said you shouldn't watch BBN,but don't make it a part of you. It shouldn't be everyday. An hour or two at different times in a day is okay. Not just BBN but any other show you binge on. I hate to see people developing ugly habits because of BBN. It's okay to be there to know your faves and vote for them,but even an hour is enough to tell someone's behavior so no matter what limit your time on the screen.

Don't make cheesy videos of all that you see. You are big now. You are way past that. Allow others make video and post for you to see. Don't behave immature on Twitter. You don't have to jump into arguments to drive home your point. Let your voting fee and how much you vote for your faves speak. Above all,make sure you use your time wisely during this period. It's now you can tell how productive you really are. BB Naija season 5 lockdown. Lockdown and it's the best time to binge watch. It is also the best time to get so many productive stuffs done. Whatever stage you are in life,just keep grinding *in Wizkid's voice*

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