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When I Told Tinubu To Join PDP, Support Atiku For President, He Said 1 Thing I'll Never Forget -Wike

The Streams State Lead representative, Nyesom Wike has claimed that the Duly elected president, Bola Tinubu let him know one thing that he could always remember in 2018, when he was asked by the PDP to go converse with him to surrender to their party after the decision party was giving Bola Tinubu a difficult stretch in those days.

As per Stations TV, Wike who talked during a state meal to pay tribute to the Duly elected president claimed that when he advised Tinubu to help their official up-and-comer, Atiku Abubakar, the Duly elected president, Bola Tinubu let him know that he wouldn't uphold Atiku in light of the fact that he was not fit to control and rather, he would pick Buhari over him.

Wike additionally affirmed that the Duly elected president, Bola Ahmed Tinubu let him know that he would pick President Buhari multiple times over Atiku despite everything gave his justifications for why Buhari was better that the PDP competitor in those days and that assertion by Tinubu made him to regard him and he will always remember the things he told him.

He said, "When I advised Tinubu to join PDP, support Atiku for president, he said one thing I will always remember. I was shipped off proceed to converse with him, how he can go along with us. I went to him, I said sir, I hear you can't discover real confidence again in APC. Why not go along with us and we should uphold one of these our contender to win the 2019 political race? He asked me. Who are these your applicants, I referenced them. He said look, assuming it is these ones you have, I will uphold (Muhammadu) Buhari multiple times. He let me know that. What's more, I regarded him.

Source: Channels Television.

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