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How to make any girl fall in love with you fast (episode 1)

Am gonna be taking you guys to some steps and ways you can make a girl fall in love with you. These are the steps:

Get busy

Look guys... before you even think of getting a girl to fall in love with you, you have to Love yourself first and one of the most effective way of doing that is by becoming the Man you've always wanted to be. And how do you do that? By keeping busy! Knock things off your list get in shape,run errands,get fat stacks pick up a couple of skills and always be getting better. In other words, if you want a girl to look at you like a guy with long-term potential, it's got to be clear to her that you know how to get stuff done and have your priorities straight.

Be gentle, man

There's a long standing myth that girls only date jerks, but that isn't true. Women may flirt with jerks,they may laugh at their jokes, but in general they don't plan on being attracted to jerks, make sense? It's complicated. Anyway,as time goes on, most women in the jerk phase of their dating life eventually realize the obvious, jerks are actually jerks. They think to themselves, why was I with that guy for so long? Was I really into that, then they realize part of them does actually have a thing for jerks, but not the mean King of jerk, no... They now see that the guy they want is... The gentle jerk. The gentle jerk is the kind of guy most women want; loving, sweet, caring, helpful but unapologetic and bold. He is like an easy going teammate, who will also stand by his girls side but also help her stiffarm life. Because life is like playing football, you dodge a bunch of hazards while trying to reach your goal and sometimes you get knocked down. So it's nice to have a teammate to pick you back up and being that helpful, reliable advocate is the gentle jerk thing to do.

Know thyself

A great philosopher said "The unexamined life is not worth living". While there are plenty of aimless, surface level guys out there that get girls to like them. Most girls aren't going to fall in love with a guy who has no direction and doesn't know who he is, you know why? Because that not a man, that there is a child. Girls want a man who's confident, sure and won't overwhelm her with his insecurities. And to really be that man, you've got to go deep, venture where other guys won't and do what most are afraid to do... Constantly question your own thoughts and actions, seek to understand why you are the way you are... It can be a hard path sometimes, it might even get a little dark but by taking the time to learn who you really are, you will become more confident and slowly become the real dude girls want to end up with.

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