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Lukaku, Kante And The Chelsea Problems Tuchel Must Solve

The Blues are still in the Champions League group and are competing for a strong position in the Premier League, but there are some worrying trends.

  Chelsea have all the tools to win the Premier League and return to the Champions League this season, but there have been some worrying trends in the last month.

  Despite all the positive results and undisputed star power, the Blues have had to stubbornly defend themselves to avoid defeat since International Match Day in September.

  Manchester City have finally proved they can beat Thomas Tuchel's side, revealing their flaws in a 1-0 win at Stamford Bridge.

  This is a reminder that although he can use all the features, Tuchel must now solve various problems to get the blues on track.

  Maintain balance with Lukaku

  Although since scoring four goals with a transfer fee of £ 97.5 million ($ 136 million), Romelu Lukaku has at times seemed isolated.

  In addition to his away debut against Arsenal, Lukaku's goal also came from several opportunities he provided.

  Since International Match Day, Lukaku has averaged less than two shots per game, and has not won two shots in the last two games.

  Although the international player in Belgium has some problems adapting to the life of a European champion, most of his problems stem from a lack of creativity around him.

  When Mason Mount, Kai Havertz and Hakim are in poor shape, Tuchel is having a hard time getting a stable No. 10 to play with his amulet.

  Lukaku's influence is also reflected in the defensive lineup. Chelsea have gone from an aggressive repressive system to a system in which they hope to play another role in the counter-attack.

  "It's normal because you always adapt to the strengths and weaknesses of the players you have," Tuchel told Gol before the Champions League game against Juventus on Wednesday.

  "Of course, we also did an analysis, I know why you want to ask, because we are too passive for Manchester City. As part of my role, defensive selection and defensive planning may also lead to this passive behavior.

  "It was not a plan, but it obviously caused it. When we had the ball, the ball was too deep and we defended well on the penalty area for a long time, so we did not allow anything to go in or around the penalty area. But when you became so passive and so Deep down, it does not feel good.

  "The choice of system may have caused this behavior, so we are all involved. We have proven that we can play high pressure games with Romero and we have a high ball recovery rate.

  "It's a very complicated game, we have to be all over the space, but the best way to defend is to get the ball, then attack against without the ball. Manchester City have done well in this game, obviously they have a very, very strong performance.

  "We did not perform well, they caused us harm, but there is enough room for a rebound, which should show that we are adapting to our players, including Romelu."

  Predict the opponent of the game plan

  The opponents play against Chelsea and they know exactly what will happen.

  Each team treats its games differently, and Aston Villa reflected the blues lineup in the last two encounters, which shocked Tuchel. It can be said that West London has two wins in two games against Dean Smith.

  At the same time, Zenit cleverly performed a low block at Stamford Bridge in the Champions League, but was ruined by a determined defense and the magical moment of Lukaku.

  However, the pressure from Manchester City found that Chelsea's ability to play in the backcourt was weak, which suffocated Tuchel's team and forced them to lock in their half.

  In the past, Tuchel has moved between systems and can do so again after harsh comments about his team's last game.

  “We always focus on performance, we never relate to results as a result of performance,” Tuchel said. "You have to be at the best level in all parts of the game, and obviously we are not.

  "We're together, so we need the best level of training and the best level of players, and now we'll learn it with all the self - reflection we need.

  "Ultimately we also had to accept that in high-level sports, they are better than us. They are better and more agile. Our decisions, our transitions and our dribbles are not enough to win."

  Georginio responded to these comments before his upcoming trip to Turin.

  "We may not have the best choice to escape the stress," he admitted. "The pressure is very high. They pressed very well.

  "We couldn't find the space between the lines to get rid of the pressure. We ran a lot behind the ball. We tried too hard to get rid of the pressure. Maybe we didn't get the best choice."

  James' full back depth without injury

  Reece James is facing a short cycle period after an ankle injury in the game against Manchester City.

  Since Callum Hudson-Odoi was not happy as a back-up midfielder, this left the Blues with only the defensive Cesar Azpilicueta to fill that wide-ranging role.

  When asked about the loss of James, a college graduate, Tuchel provided all the information he could provide about his recovery.

  "It's still very painful, and in the end it will come down to treating pain, how much he can get, but now we have to watch it for at least another week," he said.

  Kante is absent

  Since joining the club from Leicester City in 2016, N'Golo Kante has been a Chelsea star player.

  In his early seasons he barely missed a minute of football. After overcoming painful obstacles in the 2019 Europa League final, the world-class midfielder now finds himself inside and outside the team.

  Chelsea's midfield is very deep, with Jorginho, Kovacic, Ruben Loftus-Cheek and Saul Niguez to choose from, but Kante is absent when he is absent.

  His latest diagnosis regarding Covid-19 has nothing to do with these problems, but is the latest in a series of setbacks that Tuchel can certainly avoid.

  Keep the staff happy

  This depth in the middle of the pitch matches almost all other positions, and Tuchel recorded a lineup of 27 men for the Premier League and Champions League.

  Facts have proven that the German coach is an artist behind marginal player management. Cobham's good atmosphere is what makes the team willing to work so hard on defense, which is also the basis for the club's recent success.

  However, ensuring that the contestants within a few minutes will not disrupt the harmony of the team is still an ongoing challenge.

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