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After I Killed The Father To My 2 Sons, I Felt Fulfilled -Kenyan Lady Says, Narrates What Happened

In an online interview 23hrs ago, a Kenyan lady identified as Grace Watiri as shared her lessons after she said she murdered her husband. She shared this story to advise ladies to walk away from any relationship that is violent. She said no need to endure after the first slap.

According to the lady from the video: "When I was little, my parents fight a lot. Even my late husband, he grew up from such family too. So when we married, we had the same issue. But I couldn't take it any more. The last slap he gave me, that was the day I made up my mind to end his life. When I killed the father to my 2 sons, I felt fulfilled.

"I spent 7 years in the prison and before I came out of the prison, he was healed. I feel okay now. Well after I did what I did, it did not take anything for me to confess. Already I was guilty. This happened so suddenly, just the way you might say, "Oh! I have dropped a cup".

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