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The Attack On UniAbuja By Suspected Bandits, A Warning That Northern Universities Are Not Safe

It's not a doubt that Nigeria as a country has been racing Insecurity challenges over a decade, from banditry, terrorism to unknown gunmen. In a recent report, heavily armed gunmen, suspected to be bandits invaded the University of Abuja, the staff quarters of the university, and reportedly kidnapped 4 University staffs, and their children to an unknown location.

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From Greenfield University in Kaduna to UniAbuja, Sadly, this is not the first time unknown gunmen, bandits, or terrorists have invaded Northern universities, which have led to the abduction of many innocent students, and staffs.

Although there are many Universities in the Northern region of Nigeria, and it can be said just a few have suffered the attacks of bandits, unknown gunmen or terrorists. However, many Northern universities operates in fear of being attacked, or invaded by unknown gunmen, and bandits.

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However, the fact that the University of Abuja is located in the capital state of Nigeria, where presidential villa is located, and can be regard as one of the most heavily protected Nigeria states by Nigerian security operatives, it's disappointing that bandits can successfully have their way.

Although this incident does serve as a warning to Nigerian Government to deploy more security operatives to protect Northern universities, does this also mean that Northern Universities are not safe?

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