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Miyetti Allah Dumps Open Grazing in Ondo: 3 Benefits Feedlot Operation System May Bring

As part of the initiative to stop attack on farmlands by herdsmen, Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), Ondo State chapter has embraced the feedlot operational system introduced by Governor Rotimi Akeredolu as alternative to open grazing in the state.

Recalled that Ondo State Governor, Arakunrin Akeredolu on August 31st, 2021 signed anti-open grazing bill into law in Ondo State. The law was part of the move agreed upon by all southern governors to expose killer herdsmen in the region. 

Photo Credit: Vanguard Newspaper

MACBAN took the decision to embrace feedlot operational system at the end of a 5-day training for stakeholders in agricultural value-chain business organised by Ond State Agricbusiness Empowerment Centre (OSAEC) in collaboration with Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO). 

No fewer than 150 pastoralists in cattle, sheep and goat value-chain business participated in the training. 

MACBAN State Secretary, Mr. Ahmed Danna remarked that the training was a welcome development and appeal to other cattle rearers to try the initiative introduced by Ondo State.

The following are the benefits feedlot operational system may bring as alternative to open grazing in Info and other states:

1. Put an End to Destruction of Farmlands by Herdsmen: no doubt, the newly introduced feedlot operational system as alternative to open grazing in Ondo State will put an end to incessant attack on farmlands by herdsmen. In the past few days, it has been a restless hours for farmers and security operatives to nab killer herdsmen in Ondo State. The feedlot operational system will take Miyetti Allah off the forest in search of food for cattle. Other states in Nigeria can try this policy since it takes care of cattle breeders and the host community where they found themselves. The policy will also expose the real terrorists who hide under the guise of cattle breeders.

2. Improve Security Network: the newly embraced feedlot operational system for cattle breeders will no doubt improve the security of Ondo State. The scheme will assist security operatives to expose the hideout of criminals in the State. The policy is a good one if other states in Nigeria can embrace it. Feedlot operational system will restore confidence in breeders that southern governors truly love them and their business. 

3. Heathy Business Environment: the introduction of feedlot operational system by Ondo State Government will create a heathy and sustainable business environment for cattle breeders in Ondo State. This will also strengthen inter-tribal relationship that is losing its stand in Nigeria. It will be good if other states in Nigeria consider feedlot operational system.

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