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Check Out The Reason Why Ịheanachọ Has Two Dots Under His Name

Most football fans who are not from the Igbo-speaking parts of Nigeria will be wondering why Kelechi Iheanacho has dots under his name. Before moving to Leicester City, Iheanacho wrote his name in plain English, however, since joining Leicester City, football fans have noticed that his name now has two dots underneath it.

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The two letters which have dots are the letter 'I' and the letter 'O'. The reason for this is that Iheanacho is from the Igbo-speaking part of Nigeria and his dialects have vowels that have to include some dots. The dots under these letters change the sound of each letter.

The dots help change the pronunciation and articulation of the letters. The Igbo language is a language that deals with tones. The tones you can find in the Igbo language ranges from high to low tones. The Igbo language also has a third tone which is a down-stepped high tone.

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The correct spelling of Iheanacho is Ịheanachọ. The Igbo Language is very sophisticated and in some cases, some words have the same spelling but different meanings. The only way for Igbo speakers to know the difference is with the use of some distinctive dots or marks which show the difference between different words.

The dots which is found under some Igbo letters helps in changing the pronunciation of the letters. Ịheanachọ is an Igbo name that means what we are looking for. If the name had no dots, the pronunciation of the name will sound different, therefore, it will have a different meaning.

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Nobody knows why Ịheanachọ did not include the dots in his name while playing for Manchester City, but most Igbo people will be proud of Ịheanachọ's decision to spell his name in the correct Igbo format instead of using pure English letters to spell his name. Ịheanachọ is a proud Igbo man from Igbo state.

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