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A Petition Has Commenced Since May 8 & He's Just Coming To Court To Represent Someone Today- Okonkwo

The presidential election petition case resumed on Friday and many legal practitioners stormed the court to continue with the pre-hearing. The court proceedings took another turn after the court stopped Oba Maduabuchi, SAN, who stood up to represent the labor party.

Kenneth Okonkwo while speaking about the incident during an interview said that the petition had begun a long time but he was just coming to represent someone on Friday. He said they just want to break in like they normally do

"He came in to represent someone in a petition that has already commenced. Where were they on the 8th of May when the petition commenced? They just want to break in as they normally do. The only regrettable thing is that most times they do it with some collusion with some members that ought to be delivering justice, not judgment.

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