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“Never Knew I Married A Stingy Man Until Today” - Actress, Uche Ogbodo

Actress, Uche Ogbodo has shared a video on her social media page which sparked mixed reactions. However, she captioned that she wasn't aware she married a stingy man until today while showing her encounter with her husband in the video. She wrote:

“Never knew I married a stingy man until today”

The Nollywood actress was seen in the video with her husband, Bobby Maris, who blatantly refused her from joining him to eat after she served him his meal.

Uche Ogbodo who seemed surprised at the whole incident tried a couple of times to get to join her husband to eat all to no avail, as her husband kept removing her hand from his plate and added that she needs to watch her weight.

However, the Nollywood star further lamented on her social media page and stated that women are going through a lot in their marriages. Uche Ogbodo wrote:

“Oh God! This thing Called Marriage! Women are really going through a lot”

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