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Opinion: Why God Didn't Destroy Satan For His Rebellion

The title above has continued to Baffle the minds of every Christians, Muslims and Jews on the face of earth because Satan is well known as the main destroyer in every single religion on earth apart from any religion that worships Satan.

Satan has caused a lot of trouble for God, Angels, animals and humans in many ways but with everything he has done God has chose to spare his life all the time. Firstly Satan waged war against God in heaven, he caused the banishment of Adam and Eve, he caused the fall of many Angels in heaven and continues to make many humans sin till today but yet God still spares his life.

I would like to take this chance to advice everyone reading this article to pray for the Mercy of God because if God continues to show Mercy on you then you need nothing else, the mercy of God is the Love of God and when God loves you then you have everything you need.

The reason God Didn't end Satan's life could have been because of the mercies Satan has before God which means because of the love God has for Satan. We see that many fallen Angels that followed Satan were not as strong as him even if they were they were not as popular as Satan was because the love God had for Satan was just too much. Because Satan knew God loved him too much, Satan became proud and claimed God created him in a unique way unlike other Angels, Satan became so proud that he became a spoiled child because he probably got everything he asked from God and this proudness made him betray God.

It happens today to humans that a father and mother would care too much for a child that the child becomes spoilt, the child would want everything he asks for and that was the case of Satan, he probably got everything he requested from God and maybe one day he asked for something God Didn't give him and this could means God's throne. We all know God wasn't going to give Satan his throne so Satan betrayed God and fought against him, but still God loved Satan so much that he still gave him another chance but Satan wasn't going to take that chance and after that Satan hurt God in many ways.

The main reason God didn't destroy Satan remains unclear to humans but share your opinion by commenting below.

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