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Twin pregnancy: Early signs and symptoms

Photo Credit: Babycenter

Many pregnant women think they are carrying a single baby, and are always taken aback when they learn they are having twins. If you are pregnant and believe you are carrying twins, you will learn about it during your prenatal check up with an ultrasound scan. However, numerous signs and symptoms can help you determine whether you're expecting twins.

Here are some signs and symptoms that you are expecting twins

1 Extreme Morning Sickness 

Photo Credit: Huffpost

When pregnant with twins, many women have increased pregnancy symptoms which include severe morning sickness and it starts in the first trimester of pregnancy, it is linked to increased -hCG levels in the blood. Women with twin pregnancies tend to experience morning sickness for a very long time.

2 Excess Weight Gain 

Photo Credit: Babycenter

Gaining weight during pregnancy is very normal but women who are having multiple babies gain more weight. The estimated pregnancy weight gain is 9 kg so if you find yourself exceeding this number you might be having twins. However, the amount of weight a woman gain will be determined by her body type.

3 High Blood Pressure 

Photo Credit: Familydoctor

Women who are pregnant with twins are more likely to have high blood pressure. The diastolic blood pressure is usually low in the early stages of twin pregnancy, but it rises to 2.5 times its normal level during pregnancy.

4 Extreme fatigue

Photo Credit: Babycenter

Due to the excessive weight gain and the extra nourishment and energy needed to support a twin pregnancy, you might experience extreme tiredness in the first trimester of pregnancy.

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