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3 signs that God is speaking to you.

God speaks to us in different ways. But sometimes we may find it confusing, or not be aware when God is saying something. The following are all ways God speaks to a person.

(1). Through his words: God speaks to us through His word. For instance, you are praying, or studying the word of God, and suddenly a particular word dropped in your heart. It's a sign God is speaking to you.

(2). Through vision and dreams: God could use dreams to tell a person what is ahead of him, or her. Be deep in the things of God, and you will quickly understand what the Lord is trying to say.

(3). Advice from people: God speaks to a person through others. He could use his servant, a friend, a family member, or even a stranger to talk to you. God is the source of every wise counseling that might have helped you in some areas. He's still saying something, pay attention to your life, and the ideas people are giving you

You don't have to feel that God is far from you, or doesn't hear when you call on him. He's God who doesn't work in the ways of men. Just have faith, and everything will fall in place according to his plans for you.

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