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12 Things You Should Do To Your Boyfriend That Will Make Him Love You More

Below are things you should try doing to make your boyfriend love you more...

1.Always tell him you love him before even tells you.

2.Always play with him romantically and softly.

3.Anytime he's hungry try helping him out with your own money,this will make him believe that you are not after his money.

4.Never remove him hands whenever he is touching or romancing you instead allow him but to a certain extent.

5.Anytime you are alone with him try sitting in between his legs,this will make him love you.

6.Anytime you are alone with him try rubbing his chest.

7.Hug him whenever you get to see him.

8.Anytime he wants to see you never tell him you are busy,make sure you try to see him.

9.Kiss him unexpectedly both in the lips and on the forehead.

10.Hold his hands anytime you are with him.

11.Try putting your fingers into his middle fingers.

12.Love him with everything that is within you.

If you are able to do these things,I can assure you that your boyfriend is going to love more than ever.And guys try not break any girl's heart if you see them doing these things.

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