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Secrets On How To Win A Girl's/Woman's Heart - (OPTION)

It's quite obvious that some guys/men don't know how to talk react with a Lady to win their heart. Making her to Love you as much as you want.

Winning a Lady's Heart is very Simple , but some guys make it looks like a big deal.

These are the few secrets in winning a woman's heart.

1. GIVE HER AT LEAST 10% OF YOUR TIME DAILY: Some men don't really have time being with their women at least to play , gists and have fun of their own. Oh yes women value the time you spend with them. Give her TIME.

2. SURPRISE GIFT ONCE AWHILE: Most guys really appeared to be unromantic in nature. By something and surprise her..I shows that you have the strong feelings for her. In fact! It makes her head swell.

3. PRAY WITH HER/PRAY FOR HER: It I said that " The family that Prays together, lives together". Pray with her often. Pray for your relationship.

4. TAKE HER FOR SHOPPING AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH: Take her for shopping no matter how little the things you buy...Even though its just one Item, its cool and freaky.

5. HOLD HER HAND WHEN TAKING AN OUT WALK: Hold her, let her feel secured. You are the strength she had.

6. SCHEDULE ON BEING WITH HER IN THE KITCHEN: Make time to accompany her in the kitchen, join her in preparing even the dinner. It makes it looks sweet and romantic....youay have nothing doing there, but just stay by her side and fill her with gist. But Note! Remind her in case she's been carried away by your gists. 🤗

7. BE SINCERE : It's very important to be sincere, both parties. Let ur girl/woman be assured of you.

8. ALWAYS GIVE HER AN EARLY MORNING KISS: Yea, she need it. Kiss her to brighten her day. Doing that gives her joy and love.

9. CARE FOR THE THINGS BOTHERING HER: Never neglect those tiny or even mighty things that kept her thinking, even if you can't solve it.....feel it and overwhelmed the feelings out of her. Its really makes you a Man.

10. SATISFY HER URGES: Always be there when she needed you. Make her feel proud having you. It mightn't be only in the OTHER ROOM, but anywhere its required.

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