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Igbos Want To Rule Nigeria But Nobody Will Give Power To Us If We Keep Using Force- Gov Dave Umahi

In recent years, the South East has been marginalised and ignored, and many people there believe they are being kept out of key government positions on purpose. Mr Peter Obi's candidature for president in the most recent election resulted in a large number of votes for the Labour Party. Dave Umahi, governor of Ebonyi State and senator-elect for the state's Ebonyi South district, recently made it clear that his region wants to lead Nigeria.

However, he did say that the region would not be handed the presidency through force. He thinks the South and East have too few people living there to be competitive nationally. He stated categorically that the people needed to be pragmatic and back a right route if they wanted to win the presidency.


Many of our people make promises they cannot keep, and our enemies internalise these statements, he said. But we are creative peacemakers. We have to separate the personality trait that so few of us are cultivating since we are everywhere. We have no ill will towards the government of the country. It's true that the South East would like to rule the rest of Nigeria, but force won't get us anywhere. If we're receiving the cold shoulder, it's because we haven't yet impressed the party, which is like a club with its own agenda. And it would be tough for us if we failed to impress the party guests.

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