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'Sanwo-Olu Now Realises That There Are Protest Votes And It Gave LP The Win In Lagos' - Ali Baba

In a recent TVC interview, popular Nigerian stand-up comedian, Ali Baba, has alleged that Lagos State Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu is under pressure from a revolt against the established powers. Ali Baba noted that Sanwo-Olu's tenure has been impacted by numerous events in the state, and he had not been able to connect with the people throughout his tenure.

Ali Baba emphasized the need for Sanwo-Olu to connect with the people and identified that the current governor of Lagos is facing protest votes from Lagosians who feel that they have been negatively impacted by the current administration. He believes that the Saturday election will determine if Sanwo-Olu can win against the protest votes.

The popular comedian highlighted that the protest votes were from students who were forced to sit at home for eight months, lecturers who have not been paid, and people who have high expectations from the Buhari administration but have not seen the desired results. Additionally, the End SARS protests and calls to break away from godfatherism are contributing to the protest votes that Sanwo-Olu is currently facing.

Ali Baba suggests that Sanwo-Olu needs to do more to overcome this wave of protest and connect with the people of Lagos. While some people want to break from the norm, Ali Baba believes that continuity will be beneficial for Lagos State.

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