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Top 10 Beautiful Beaches In Africa

10. Diani Beach in Kenya

Diani Beach is almost everyone's destination in Kenya. Time flies so far in Diani Beach and I will tell you why in a moment. The beach is so clean and the water is crystal clear that you can see fishes swimming underneath you during paddleboarding. There are countless exciting things you can do at the beach like camel riding, sky diving, scuba diving, golf playing, dining in a cave, etc.

9. Kokrobite beach in Ghana

Kokrobite beach is about 45 minutes drive from Accra, Ghana. The beach is not only clean but also fresh with its white sands and rough waves. The beach is a favorite for backpackers and people looking forward to unwind as it provides authentic beach experiences with good barbecue, beer, and live music.

8. Landmark beach in Nigeria

This beach is arguably the cleanest in Nigeria. The beach has a reputation of being classy and not easy to get access to because you need to book it online from their website. Once you become a member, you will have access to a variety of activities the beach offers which include kitesurfing, boat riding, picnic, etc.

7. Mnemba Island in Tanzania

If exclusivity is a priority to you and you have enough cash to go around, then Mnemba island is the perfect location for you. Located Northeast of Zanzibar, is amazing getaway offers premium services to guests.

Their lodge has a dive school that offers exceptional scuba diving excursions, open-air massages, and yoga sessions. There are fishing and dolphin watching activities as well if you care for such things.

6. Mussulo beach in Angola

The best thing about the Mussulo beach is that it is open to everyone, and when you visit the beach at the right time of the year, you'll witness a variety of exciting games.

5. Nosy iranja beach Madagascar

Now, this is one pretty beach in Africa you probably haven't heard of. Nosy iranja is a twin Island, 'Nosy iranja Be', and the younger brother, 'Iranja Kelly'. Both are connected through a thin strip of sugar-white sand which is only accessible at low tide. The beach is stunning, the water is crystal clear, the sunset is super beautiful, and you get to see the sunrise.

4. Grand popo beach in Benin

The expensive sunny beaches of Grand popo are amazingly enticing, but sadly not suited for swimming as the sea is typically rough here. Stick to the sand instead and discover a precious pocket of African culture such as the amazing voodoo display not far from the beach that is held every first month of the year.

3. Muizenberg beach in South Africa

Muizenberg is probably famous for its long wide beach, reliable surf breaks, and iconic colorful hurts. The shallow waters here offer a safe swimming environment and you are also protected by trained lifeguards. For those who want to learn surfing, surfing schools are all over the beach.

2. Aqua Safari Beach in Ghana

Aqua safari might be a luxury beach resort, but it is fairly priced, so much that you don't have to sell a kidney to experience this beautiful beach.

Aqua safari is a great destination for fun holidays as well as gatherings of any kind. There are several activities you can enjoy such as jet lift, jet skiing, beach games, spa, whale watching, the list goes on.

1. Makadi Bay in Egypt

Egypt has several mouth-watering beaches and Makadi Bay is one of the best. The beach is all about family-friendly vacations with a bundle of large resort hotels. There is also a huge number of facilities to choose from and a plethora of games to choose from as well. Because this is one of Egypt's most well setup Beach locations, the beach can get crowded from November to January.

Which other amazing African beach do you think should have made the list? Let us know in the comments.

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