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5 Romantic Things You Can Do With Your Wife At Night Before Going To Bed

Even some male room mates have their routines at nights. They could have a beer together, watch a movie or have a really lengthy chat until one person realise he's doing all the talking. Marriage shouldn't be any different. Infact married couples should have more fun at nights before sleeping off than any "Batmam and Robbin". But sadly speaking, this isn't usually the case. We all know that lack of communication and some simple marriage or relationship essentials have ruined a lot of relationships. The thought of married couples going to bed like brother and sister is really alarming. 

There are many things couples can do before going to bed besides making love. Here are a list of 5 of them.

1. Get Intimate

Intimacy isn't just important because we humans are social creatures, and we tend to thrive on the close personal relationships that we have with others, but also because as humans, we all have urges. Urges that needs satisfaction. Intimacy isn't only limited to lovemaking. Intimacy in this context also includes cuddling and kissing your wife at nights. Sometimes, intimacy might just be all she needs to have a good night sleep. 

2. Resolve Any Pending Issues

All marriages have their ups and downs, and disagreements between married couples are inevitable. As long as two people live together, there would always be issues to address. However, it really doesn't matter how many issues there are or even how they come. What really matters is how well you are able to deal with the issues. Allowing your partner sleep with grudges is not healthy for any relationship.

3. Give Her A Foot Massage

With all the stress of having to meet the family needs. Whether house chores or making ends meet, relaxation is of essence. And there are only a few better ways to relax than a foot massage. Foot massages helps stimulate your muscles, eases pain, and can even reduces tension. Women deserve massages too. Yes, providing for a family is tough, but caring for them isn't easy either. Sometimes play "The Masseur and the Masseuse".

4. Have A Heart To Heart Talk

When couples often have a heart to heart talk, they tend to become very aware of each other's emotions compared to couples who don't. They will understand each other better and will be especially aware of each other's feelings. Out of your busy schedule, try to create time. At least, at nights for your woman. She will definitely tell you all that she has on her mind in order for you to iron them out.

5. Kiss Her Good Night

Nothing really beats a good night kiss before sleeping. The habit of kissing your wife goodnight is probably one of the simplest ways to connect at the end of each day. Endeavour to re-ignite your connection with your wife every night. At least before you sleep. Being on the same bed isn't enough. You could do more. These little things count. It's important to make your woman feel irreplaceable and loved. You won't regret it.

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