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In PDP's 16-Year Rule, South Ruled for 14Years While North Got 2; Who Deserves the Ticket In 2023?

The 2023 presidential election is currently dividing the Northern and the Southern region. Both regions are fighting for their interests ahead of the election.

Many Southern groups, including the Southern Governors Forum, have warned that the next president after Muhammadu Buhari should come from their region for politics of fairness and equity.

Northern stakeholders, on the other hand, have rejected the call for a southern presidency in 2023, saying that the constitution doesn't support a rotational presidency and zoning arrangement.

The final decision on where the president will come from in 2023 lies with political parties since the constitution is silent on zoning arrangement. 

The Peoples Democratic Party has zoned its National Chairmanship position to the northern region, signalling that the party's presidential ticket might be zone to the South in 2023. 

However, some stakeholders, especially from the North, have kicked against the zoning of the presidential ticket to the South. 

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar advocated for the party to open its presidential ticket to all aspirants regardless of geopolitical zone.

In my opinion, the North deserves the PDP presidential ticket in 2023. This is because the South has ruled more under the platform of the party than the North. 

The PDP ruled Nigeria between 1999 and 2015, (16years). During this period, Olusegun Obasanjo, from the South West, ruled for eight years (1999-2007). Obasanjo handed over to Umar Yaradua in 2007. Unfortunately, Yaradua died in office in 2010 and his vice, Goodluck Jonathan, completed his tenure and also reran for the position in 2011 and won. 

Note: Jonathan started acting as President since 2009 when Yaradua was receiving treatment oversea.

In reality, the North only ruled for two years under the PDP, while the South ruled for 14 years. 

For the sake of fairness and equity, I believe the PDP should zone its presidential ticket to the North in 2023.

Those clamouring for a southern presidency in 2023 are only echoing what prevails in the All Progressive Congress. Because the current president is from the North, the ruling party will most likely zone its presidential ticket to the south.

Who deserves the PDP presidential ticket between the North and the South in 2023? 

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