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(Opinion) Why Some Rich People May Prefer To Not Give To The Poor.

Many of us might have heard of rich individuals who do not give to the poor people in the society, we might have also regarded them as miserly and not appreciative to the Almighty that provided for him.

However, the case is not always as we see it. In my opinion, there are good reasons why they do not do this.

A lot of people in our society are only after what to eat without thinking of anything else, we've seen and heard of people that squander any free money given to them without thinking of something valuable to use it after deducting enough money for feeding. Some even go to the extent of living their lives in the way they'll never be in the next 5 years in a single day, all for the sake of enjoying the moment.

The rich people may think that the person just wants to eat and not make progress in life, and they do not like being around people who cannot reason in the correct manner. 

Please note that this article doesn't support selfishness, but it's aimed at making us brace up and do better.

If you truly want a rich individual to help you, ask him to lift you up, not feed you in the gutter while he's enjoying. Peace.

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