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Mixed reactions as a lady shares photos of the state of a brassiere worn by a fellow lady

Brasserie are meant to be worn as an underwear which holds the breast firm, giving a lady the comfortable push and also brings out her natural endowment. However, because this is an underwear, some ladies find it difficult washing it as they keep wearing it until the bra turns into a different colour, thereby attracting diseases such as bacteria etc to the body.

A photo of a brassiere was shared online by one @ayo_olah on twitter as she admonished some ladies for wearing their bra upto that level.

Mere looking at the bra already tells one how that person is, and how she takes care of yourself. Ladies should please cultivate the habit of washing their undies at all times and avoid repetition, no matter how neat you may think it is. That it's an underwear and people don't see it doesn't mean you're safe. Some germs or bacterias could store up there in a very long time, causing much harm on you.

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