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2 beneficial reasons why couples should make love regularly as opposed to the use of timetable.

Aside from the reproduction and satisfaction that one derives during lovemaking, some other positive benefits are associated with this exercise and it varies from intellectual, physical, emotional, psychological to other social benefits. Some of the benefits of meeting regularly will be analysed in the subsequent paragraphs.

1. It relieves stress.

In the world of today, so many couples pass through a lot during the day, many hardly find time to rest and as such when it is time to retire to bed, they feel so tired to do anything because of the daily stress.

Dr Sujata H. Ambardar is an infectious disease specialist in Annandale, Virginia and according to her, touching and hugging can help to release the body's natural “feel-good hormone.” Also, she said "Making love can boost the couple self-esteem and happiness. This simply means, when partners meet, anxiety and stress can be reduced to the minimum.

Source: Google.

2. It is also a form of exercise.

To have a good body stature, a healthy lifestyle, and to boost one energy for daily activities, some medical expert has recommended regular body exercise. Lovemaking is also a good form of exercise.

Doctor Joseph Pizonne said for every 1 minute of lovemaking, about 4-5 calories are used. During lovemaking, both partners use their muscles and other parts of the muscles which include the heart, brain and others. The world of today is a busy one and the easiest way for couples to get this regular exercise is to try new styles when making love.

To this extent, couples should make love regularly and ignore the use of timetables or schedules. If not for medical reasons, couples should make love without any hindrances.

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