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Iconic King of Ife sends a Message to The Young Generations in a Comedy Skit

In Yoruba Culture, Kingship title is a revered status and as such, Kings are accorded maximum honour. This is so because they are regarded as the vicegerents of the Most High God and as a result, their needs are divine in nature. Contention with them is tantamount to contending with God Himself. 

Like all other Kings, they dwell in palace; well structured homestead with captivating adornment. Some of these rulers exercise absolute monarchy with most veto power. They decree whatever pleases them and the subjects are to abide strictly with the directives. Few out of many are easy to approach or visit. 

As wonders will in no way give up to occur, an iconic King in Yoruba land i.e Onni of Ife, went viral lately in a comedy skit produced my Mr Macaroni. The comedian went on visitation to the Onni's palace and he was given a warmness welcome. Not solely that, the king featured in his last released skit with the title The Workaholic. This is certainly a sensational and uncommon gesture extended forth to him by the King. Onni of Ife, in the skit, tried to right the notion that young ones shouldn't kneel or postrate for the elders. Yoruba ethnicity values greetings and according respect to the aged ones. 

Mr macaroni whose actual name is Debo Adebayo, is a born Lagos comedian and social media influencer. His fame reached the point of culmination with his skits revolving around the life of a Sugar Daddy, who goes about with series of ladies old enough to be his daughter.

His popular statements are Freaky Freaky, You're doing well and Fantabulous. He lures them by voluntarily gifting them with cashes but always end up being at the receiving end. 


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