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I Was Not Arrested Or Detained In The UK, I Was Only Stopped For A Routine Check For 20 Mins - Obi

The Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has recounted what truly happened to him during his latest visit to the United Kingdom where it was reported that he was arrested and detained by the United Kingdom Government.

Peter Obi revealed that he was never arrested or detained by the United Kingdom authorities during his visit to the United Kingdom. Peter Obi revealed that he was stopped by the immigration service of the United Kingdom for a routine check which lasted for 20 minutes.

Peter Obi went on to say that he was stopped because there appeared to be a duplication of his identity. Peter Obi went on to say that he was treated with respect during the routine check by the United Kingdom authorities.

Peter Obi went on to say that he lived in the United Kingdom between 1993 and 2005 and throughout all those years and till date, he has never been arrested for committing any crime.

Peter Obi went revealed that the United Kingdom authorities told him to be careful after they revealed to him that his identity was duplicated. Peter Obi disclosed that after the incident, the United Kingdom Government have hi a written document to clarify that he was never detained.

Peter Obi went on to say that his public figure was the reason why some people started saying that he was arrested for committing so many crimes and because he did not pay tax.

Peter Obi clarified that throughout his stay in the United Kingdom for many years, he paid all his tax. Peter Obi also said that he has sometimes been refunded some money because he over paid his tax.

Watch From The 4:40 Minute Of The Video Below:

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