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I Won't Be Surprised If Tinubu's Administration Turns Out To Be Worse Than That Of Buhari- Abdulhameed

Tunji Abdulhameed, a Nigerian Legal Practitioner talked with the media about the inauguration of Bola Tinubu and several other things, including the appointments he would make after his inauguration. Tunji Abdulhameed said that the administration of Bola Tinubu depends on the people who he will appoint as his ministers. If his administration turns out to be good, it depends on the kind of people he works with, if it is bad, it depends on the people he works with and vice versa.

Tunji Abdulhameed said "Those who destroyed the PDP are all in the APC seeking for Tinubu to give them ministerial positions, those people who destroyed the country in PDP are all in the APC today, and they are still the same people who will work with Bola Tinubu as the president of Nigeria".

"You don't keep doing the same thing and be expecting a different result, if Tinubu appoints these people who destroyed Nigeria as ministers, I won't be surprised if his government will become worse than that of president Buhari".

Tunji Abdulhameed suggests that Tinubu appoints new faces to work with him instead of working with all those corrupt politicians who are known for destroying the country. If he goes as he said, that he will continue from where Buhari stopped, his government will turn out to be worse.

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