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5 Types Of T-Shirt For Women

T-shirts are those types of upper clothes that are made of different colours but the same fabric. Most ladies went to the market to buy a shirt without the knowledge of knowing the types they want. They buy these clothes just for fashionable purposes. While some buy theirs due to the ones they are putting on has faded up or they want to change their wardrobe. Women love to look classic and glossy.

T-shirts come in different colours like pink, purples, red, blue, green, black, yellow and so on.

Do you want to know the different names of some t-shirt? If yes it is required to read this article till the end.

1 Basic White Tee For College.

This is the type of t-shirt that you can wear. It is also meant as streetwear. You can also rock the shirt with a sneaker most especially white to suit your costume.

2 High Neck T-Shirt.

This is a special t-shirt that can be worn anytime most especially during the cold season due to its thickness and high neck collar as well as the long sleeve which will help to cover many things in the body. It also has a sleeveless hand as well.

3 Cold Shoulder Brunch.

This type of t-shirt is a trending shirt that can compliment any attire. It has a sleeveless hand with a cold opening in the shoulder which makes them more presentable and nice. It can be worn with trousers and a skirt.

4 V Neck T-Shirt.

It is called v neck because of its shape it is used to attend any kinds of occasions of any kind it can be worn with either trousers or skirts. This shirt comes in different colours.

5 Plunge Neck T-Shirt.

This type of shirt can be used to attend any type of occasion or going out for a date, because of the attractive and charming fashionable way it was designed. It is also one of the trending shirts which can be rock by ladies and teenagers. Plunge neck can be worn with a female trouser, skirt and a heel female shoe.

All the types of female shirts mentioned above can be rocked as casual wear. It all depends on what you want to use yours for. In case you are looking for a beautiful t-shirt to buy you can choose the one above.

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