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Clashes erupt between the Customs and the people of Jibia in Kastina State

Clashes erupt between the Customs and the people of Jibia in Kastina State

The Chairman of the Nigeria Customs Service, Colonel Hameed Ali has resigned

The people of Jibia in Katsina State in northern Nigeria have complained about a barricade erected by Customs officers near the entrance of the town.

Residents of the town and its environs, especially traders, allege that the agency's officials are preventing them from importing locally produced goods, putting their lives at risk.

The commission, for its part, said some were leaving the town in disarray.

Sada Soli Jibia, a Member of Parliament representing the Jibia people in the Nigerian House of Representatives, told the world that the situation was "unfortunate" because "today in the country the cement in Nigeria cannot be allowed. neither millet nor sorghum nor snow given to animals can reach the ground.

This is the problem we have with customs in Jibia, they have come to the entrance of the town, they have prevented such things from being carried out and everyone has a history of Jibia land, he knows we have a huge market which since Kano from Sokoto to Kebbi from Zamfara is coming here for shopping, "

Every bakery in Jibia now, which they make bread that all our rural communities come here to buy, today they do not have the opportunity to do such things because now bread is not even bought in Jibia because it is banned. coming in and flowers. " said the Congressman.

Sada Soli Jibia urged the head of the Customs Service, Hameed Ali, to look into the matter.

But the agency, through its spokesman Joseph Attah, said it was only after its plainclothes officers investigated a leak that they decided to set up the barrier.

According to Attah, "Recently, customs officials noticed that before the completion of about a week, about 100 or more trailers had to enter Jibia town, and what they were carrying was cement, fertilizer, mash and building materials, "

He said they found out that they had taken steps to prevent trailers from entering Jibia after discovering that motorbikes were being used to "move through the bush to smuggle these goods out." as described by Joseph Attah.

Anyone who owns a store and is guaranteed your store will be allowed to come in and take off there.

Not only Jibia, but other Nigerians living along the border in Zamfara and Sokoto states are also complaining about the restrictions imposed by the customs.

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