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2 Reason Why Anti-Open Grazing Law Will Help Reduce Herders And Farmers Clashes

The open grazing site is causing a lot of controversy around the country. However, recall how the Nigerian federal government issued a fresh order to examine and dispatch 368 grazing sites across 25 states. Several governors in the Southeast have expressed their displeasure with President Muhammadu Buhari's decision to allow open grazing sites across the country, causing them to confront him. However, there is one reason why the anti-open grazing law will help reduce clashes between herders and farmers.

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1. The anti-open grazing law will aid in the reduction of herdsmen and farmer clashes. Many farmers are terrified to go to their farms because of the carnage that herdsmen are inflicting. Some farmers have been forced out of their farmlands, and many have gone bankrupt because of how the herders' cattle are destroying their crops that are worth a huge amount of money. Moreover, the anti-open grazing law will really help reduce herders' and farmers' clashes because the farmers will be able to go to their various farmlands without fear of herdsmen attack.

There have been countless instances where farmers around the country have wept and shared their sorrows over how Fulani herders are wreaking havoc on their farmlands. Many people in the Southeast have reacted negatively to the federal government's decision to review and remove 368 grazing locations throughout 25 states. However, several governors in the southeast have expressed their dissatisfaction with the activities of the herders, and they want their people to be allowed to go to their various farmlands in peace. Several governors in the southeast are currently implementing anti-open grazing laws in their states in order to prevent herders and farmers' clashes.

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