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3 Mistakes men should avoid in relationships.

One of the areas you should endeavour never to make mistakes in life is in your relationship. Sometimes there are certain mistakes you will make and they will continue to haunt you as long as you live. Some mistakes in your relationship can even jeopardize you future plans and make you end up with the person you do not like.

Before you get yourself involved in any relationship, there are certain things you must consider and avoid in order not to make regrettable mistakes which can ruin your future plans.

1. Do not engage with a woman you do not love. Relationship must be built mainly on love; other factors can be considered later. Involving yourself in a relationship with a woman you do not love can cost your joy and satisfaction, and you will end up regretting. Do not engage with a woman because she has money or she thrives in her business, go for a woman because you love her.

2. Avoid intimacy with a woman you are not proud of. This is to avoid unwanted pregnancy which you would deny. A lot of men have denied being responsible of pregnancies; one of the reasons is because they are not proud of the woman or they do not truly love the woman. Some woman, due to this awful incident had gone for abortion which resulted to their death. If you know you cannot marry a woman, why having intimacy with her? This is wrong because it showcases how irresponsible you are.

3. Consider your financial stability before you get married. To avoid taking up responsibilities which you may not carry, you must consider your financial stability before you ask a woman's hand in marriage. This is very important to avoid subsequent frustration. Marriage is meant to be enjoyed and not to be managed so that you will not go and take a lady out of her father's house and make her starve and suffer.

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