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Twitter - Kids Prank their parents

On a more serious note, when it comes to puns, people are divided into two groups, the group that adores them and the other, people loathe them. This puns pulled by this kids will put a smile on your face.

On Twitter recently, one punk went viral and it inspired other parents to share theirs as well. These jokes received lots of attention, scroll down and see these pranks pulled by smart kids and comment if your kid as ever pranked you.

Lots of people, especially parents loved the jokes, with one commenting that those kids should get what they want for Christmas, but apparently not everyone is into puns, 'A couple of weeks ago, my wife asked me to get green onions while we were at the store, I wondered around a bit before returning 'sorry babe I couldn't find them and had to take a leek', she said am not funny' said by a Twitter fan.

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