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6 Health Benefits You May Get From Guava Fruit And Leaves

Fruits are known to be good sources of nutrients and good health benefits and there are some fruit trees whose leaves offer benefits in addition to those offered by the fruits, one such fruit is guava.

When ripe, guava is a sweet fruit, with pinkish color inside and lots of tiny seeds, these seeds are however edible and the fruit offers a good nutrient combination, which accounts for the health benefits the fruit offers.

Just as the fruit is good for consumption, the leaves of guava are known to be useful in making herbal tea, one which is healthy for consumption and provides antioxidants to the body, the leaf extract is also used as a supplement.

According to Healthline, there are numerous health benefits that guava leaves and fruits give to those who consume them, and below are some of them.

√ Lower blood sugar levels.

Guava is said to have the ability to improve blood sugar control, according to Healthline, a good number of test-tube and animal studies discovered that guava leaf extract helps improve blood sugar levels, insulin resistance, and long-term blood sugar control.

√ Improved heart health.

According to Healthline, there are antioxidants and vitamins in guava that help protect the heart against damage by free radicals, this is just one way to boost heart health, and with guava there are others.

The fruit or leave extract of guava has the ability to reduce blood pressure, reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol, so doing both the leaf extract and the fruits may help improve heart health.

√ Benefits your digestive system.

The healthy fiber contained in guava is useful for keeping our digestive system healthy due to the fact that the fibers may help prevent constipation, according to Healthline, consumption of guava or guava leave may help prevent diarrhea.

√ Weight loss.

Like most high-fiber and low-calorie foods, guava may help promote weight loss by making you feel full for longer.

√ The fruit may have anticancer effects.

√ Boost immunity.

Guava can be consumed in a good number of ways and to enjoy the health benefits listed above, you need to eat the fruit or consume the leaf extract.

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