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2 Reasons Why Eden Hazard's Chelsea Return Will Make A lot Of Sense

When deciding whether or not you want to see Eden Hazard in a Chelsea shirt again, it's vital to put your emotions aside and examine the situation objectively.

For this post, I have done precisely that, and my judgment remains the same: Hazard's return to Chelsea would make perfect sense.

However, this has rekindled our debate, and if a Hazard return to Chelsea is on the cards, here are some reasons why I think it would be a positive move.

1. The deal will be a low-risk one

But, to expand on that, I think Hazard returning on a low-risk loan move, whether it's for six months in January or a year next summer, is a no-brainer for me.

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He has a proven and ideal synergy with Lukaku, which they have built up together over many years. This isn't something that happens overnight.

Lukaku isn't having a bad season at Chelsea, but he might use a player who knows him inside and out and can get the most out of him right now. Hazard is the name of that character.

2. He could be the chance creator Chelsea needs

Chelsea also lacks a true creator, a player capable of beating two or three players to the ball and creating something from nothing. Hazard is the name of the character.

Yes, he is thirty years old, and he would have to take a smaller position and refrain from participating in every game. But if he truly wanted to return from the depths of his soul, I would go fetch him.

It would be similar to when we re-signed Didier Drogba in the latter stages of his career, in terms of his influence and the boost it provides to the entire camp. In his second stay with Chelsea, Drogba even scored several crucial goals off the bench.

Hazard is a player who hasn't lost his touch; he's far from done, and he's certainly not regarded as "old" in today's game. It could be the impetus he needs to restart his career.

What are your thoughts on this??

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