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Why the reappointment of Tuchel would be great than appointing another coach if Potter is sacked.

Speculations from different sports media sources have revealed that Potter might be shown the exit door if he loses more games.

Hence the suggestion of the likes of Zidane, Flick, and others coaches to take up the office if Potter ended up being fired.

But I believe that reappointing Tuchel for a second spell will be a great decision by Todd than appointing another coach.


Tuchel still has love and passion for the Chelsea football club: The only two managers I can voucher for their passion and love for the Chelsea football club would be Jose Mourinho and Thomas Tuchel. But I would partially rate Thomas Tuchel's passion ahead of Jose Mourinho following Tuchel's sacrifices during the time Chelsea was suffering from the British ban. Tuchel had the opportunity to switch over to Manchester United football club on a lucrative offer, but he turned it down to stick and suffer with Chelsea. This is something, I doubt Mourinho would do. Other coaches might be OK but when it comes to passion and good tidings towards the club. One would agree that the reappointing of Tuchel would reinstall the threatening prowess which Chelsea's squad possessed during his (Tuchel's) tenure.

Tuchel understands English Premier League more than the likes of Zidane, Flick, and others: The appointment of Zinedine Zidane or any other coach apart from Thomas Tuchel might result in a slow development because these managers will need time to adapt to the structure and nature of the English Premier League. But Tuchel has mastered the tactical magics that produce positive results from games.

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